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Personal Support Worker

The Personal Support Worker role is an important role within long term care, retirement homes and community support. At Chupat Healthcare guarantees satisfaction and consistency in service delivery.

Should the candidate not be acceptable to you for any reason within the terms of our agreement, we would replace the individual at no charge.

Nurses and Service Workers

Registered Practical Nurses

Registered Practical Nurses prepare and administer routine medications and treatments as directed. RPNs clean wounds and lesions, prepare, apply or replace dressings and bandages, and occasionally provide personal care for as required, and perform housekeeping duties.

Registered Nurse

All RNs are leaders and leadership is expressed in different ways throughout ones career and role, either formally or informally. In long term care, the RN is the leader of the nursing team. As leader, the RN is visible to clients, families, and others to plan, coordinate, problem solve, and provide direct care. The RN exemplifies the leader role through skilled communication and effective management of health care resources. The leader anticipates the future needs of clients and works toward preparing for them.

Social Service Workers

Social Service Workers are trained to work with people who are experiencing distressing events in their lives, from both an individual perspective, and in a way that examines how society can contribute to challenges and crises in people’s lives.

Developmental Service Workers

Developmental Service Workers promote the development and maintenance of health and well being, life skills, and personal empowerment of people with developmental disabilities. They have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the social service, education and health areas.

Caregiver Support

We understand that selecting the right provider of services in your home or the home of your loved ones is an important decision.

So as our clients, you have our assurance that our staff goes through regular performance evaluations, including performance assessments that incorporate any feedback our clients provide to us.

We ensure our healthcare staff, both in Hospitals and Private Home Care, represent our strong values and high standards.

Other Services

We ensure our healthcare staff, both in Hospitals and Private Home Care, represent our strong values and high standards.